Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New spring sneak peeks!

I have been sewing away like a mad woman lately, but I am trying to gather a substantial collection before posting it all to sell...the problem is I think my daughter wants every single item I make! Very flattering! So I have a collection of these little dress made in various combinations. This one is cotton candy in fabulous shades of pink and lime green. These little dresses look really cute with the matching ruffle pant under them or they stand alone really cute!
And of course I am in a panic over the new CSPIA law going into effect next month...I would really hate to lose my Swarovski crystal details, but I have a feeling they will be gone and I will have replace them with glass or some such thing!

Tiers and tiers of ruffles, what more can any little girly girl want in her life! Especially if they are pink ruffles!

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